• A People magazine reporter was arrested on Brad Pitt's property, for allegedly trying to crash Maddox Jolie's birthday party. People claims the the guy "inadvertently trespassed"; but cops say they found an email from a People editor in the reporter's car with directions to Pitt's house.
  • Courtney Love fainted a couple of weeks ago - but was it heatstroke or heroin? A judge is betting that it's the latter (or some kind of narcotic, anyway), and he's ordered the sometime-actress to come to court to face allegations that she's violated her probation. Meanwhile, the gal showed up at Pam Anderson's Comedy Central roast last week, where she apparently had a little bit of topless fun.
  • Lindsay Lohan has turned her family woes into a pop song. Titled either "Daughter to Father" or "Confessions of a Broken Heart", the song is reportedly "the story of a girl crying to her father, asking him why he did all this to the family, and more so, to her."
  • The Colin Farrell Sex Tape will not be televised. (Or, rather, internet-ized).
  • Adrien Grenier and a group of friends caused a ruckus in Central Park this weekend whilst playing Twister - a headline his Entourage character would not let pass unmocked.
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