Noticed the outdoor and other advertisments for the upcoming Deuce Bigelow sequel (if, that is, your eyeballs have stopped bleeding)? Have you noticed the rating, or more precisely, the lack thereof? It seems that some of this summer's biggest R-rated comedies have been advertised with the fine print of "This film has not yet been rated" and some people think this is being done purposefully, as a way to market the film to a younger audience than they would be able to if the film were officially rated R. Various studio executives deny exploiting the loophole in R-rated advertising, instead claiming the ads needed to be approved and created before the film was submitted to the ratings board. As someone who watches movie marketing fairly closely I have to say I can see both sides of this argument but tend to think the studios are maybe working the system in such a way as to have plausible denial for this practice. In some instances, yes, media buys have to be made by X date and the film may not even be finished. However I think that begs the question of just when or what kind of advertising can be done prior to a movie receiving a rating. Opinions? 
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