• As stand-alone studios get picked off one-by-one by mega-congloms, Regency is not only standing on it's own - it's thriving. It spent $110 million on Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and will likely make $500 million back; its two syndicated TV properties alone make $180 million annually. What are they doing right, and why can't anyone else seem to figure it out?
  • The first line of Jill Goldsmith's report on Rupert Murdoch's recent web acquisitions pretty much says it all: "Rupert Murdoch is really into the Internet."
  • Herbie: Fully Loaded director Angela Robinson will co-write and directGenbot for New Line. The film will follow a gal whose involvement with a secret government group turns her into a cyborg.
  • Palisades Media Group has signed on to "oversee all media buying and planning" for the new Weinstein Company. They've been involved with Bob n' Harvey on-and-off for nine years.
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