Julia RobertsIt's being suggested in the foreign press that Julia Roberts is on the verge of walking away not only from Hollywood, but from acting altogether. Since giving birth to twins (who, while not named after fruit, still have vaguely odd names:  Hazel and Phinnaeus) last November, Roberts has limited herself to voice-over work, and is now headed for Broadway. Though Three Days of Rain won't debut until March, she apparently will be spending every available second between now and then "preparing," and won't have any time to spend in Hollywood. And, when her run on Broadway is over (if you're negative and cynical, you might suggest the run will be much shorter than she’s thinking), Roberts reportedly will be moving straight into the role of stay-at-home mom. But Julia, what about us?  What are the rest of us going to do next time we need a zillion watt grin?
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