The kids in the Harry Potter franchise are growing up. Lemony Snicket proved to be truly unfortunate. The fate of The Chronicles of Narnia has yet to be told (my prediction: complete failure).

Hollywood has discovered there's money to be made in them thar kids and studios are lining up to get a peice of whatever the next kid-oriented franchise might be, according to this article from Book Standard. What they're especially looking for are properties that have built-in audiences, mainly from hit books. With more attention being paid to the actual literature being produced for kids and young adults it's no surprise that movie studios would be attracted to them. After all, if there's one thing Hollywood is afraid of more than anything it's an original idea. Best to adapt a book and hope for the best than to take a chance and develop something from scratch. Like an influx of asteroid movies or sword-and-sandal epics, though, this trend will probably have run its course by the time most of the movies mentioned in the story actually hit the big screen but that doesn't mean advertisements and toy tie-ins won't be rammed down our throats.
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