StellaRebelling against the usual Boobs and Broads approach to beer advertising, Stella Artois has created a series of ingenious, film-focused print ads. Each ad -- there are three of them, titled Beach, Park, and Town -- takes place in a different, "typically English" setting, but the settings have been infiltrated by elements from famous films. From Superman in a phone box to Hitchcock's Birds, menacingly lurking on a fence, each image contains about 20 references to specific films. Though whether they're selling any beer is anyone's guess, the ads are certainly gaining attention in England, where they've become something of an obsession.  I must confess that I'm afraid to look too closely because I know I'll fail horribly. Right now I can still safely say "Hey, cool idea" and pretend I'd find them all if I could be bothered to look.

Large versions of the ads are linked above and, for the cheaters among us, the answers are here: (beach, park, town) How did you do?
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