The original Westworld, written and directed by Michael Crichton, starred Yul Brenner Bynner as a gunslinging robot on the loose in a futuristic amusement park. At one point, Jerry Weintraub was planning to produce a remake, and Arnold Schwarzeneggar was set to star (unfortunately, *not* in the Brynner role), but that project was shelved when the Governator took office. Now Warner Brothers says the picture is back on, and they've hired Tarsem (The Cell, Losing My Religion and other insufferably pretentious REM videos) to direct it. Though Schwarzeneggar is not currently involved in this incarnation of the project, Pamela McClintock at Variety is waiting with bated breath for the circumstances surrounding his casting to sort themselves out: "It's certainly not a given that he won't be in Westworld should he decide not to seek re-election in next year's election or should he lose the race." Still, it might be a long wait - the soonest Arnie could possibly lose his Sacramento job is January '07, and the guy made a vow not to make films whilst in office.
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