Myrna LoyThere’s a fascinating piece up at Alternet in which Sheerly Avni examines the representation of women (I know, yawn) in Hollywood.  She has no time for your chick flicks, your weepies, or even your Angelina Jolie-style action flicks.  Instead of being constantly “empowered, encouraged, affirmed and celebrated,” Avni would rather see films in which she finds herself in the characters on screen.  After all, as hot as Angelina is, there just aren’t many of us who can look at Lara Croft and go, “That is so me -- I kicked an evildoer off a cliff just the other day!  And boy, sister, did I look good doing it.”  Though many feminist critics would still say that it’s virtually impossible for female audiences to safely identify with women on screen, Avni is able to come up with ten films that, for her, contain female characters with whom she can identify; women who seem “real.”  What’s great about her list is that it’s totally insane-- who would have thought Adam’s Rib, Batman Returns, and Fight Club would ever be on any kind of list together, least of all one about valid female characters?

Since reading the article, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with my own list.  Now I’m just depressed, because I honestly can’t come up with a single freaking movie in which I looked at a female character on screen and just said, “Girl, I know.”  I mean, I love Nora Charles more than maybe any other woman in the movies, but do I identify with her?  No.  She’s who I want to be, not who I am.  I love Brigitte Bardot in Contempt because she’s a goddess, not because she’s me.  Help me out -- what films would be on your list?
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