Will FerrellIf you're nothing like me, then you've been waiting a long time to see Nascar make its 150mph Hollywood blockbuster debut. Sure, those hot and steamy Days of Thunder are behind us, but the future is as bright and colorful as the speeding advertisement it's promoting. Sacha Baron Cohen a.k.a. Ali G has been cast (as a gay race car driver) alongside Will Ferrell in this untitled Nascar comedy (Da Race Car Boyz?) directed by Adam Mckay.  Yeah, here's where you squash those Tom Cruise look-a-like dreams and replace them with odd-ball comedic fantasies. Mckay and Ferrell last teamed up to bring us Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, which, according to my next door neighbor, was “pretty freaking hilarious.” With a supporting cast of John C. Reilly and Michael Clarke Duncan set against one of the most successful non-steroid sporting events in the United States, this could quite possibly bolt to the top of next summer’s box office faster then you can say, "bring on the Budweiser!"
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