As our friends at TUAW recently reported, Apple has decided to toss out a series of commercials directed by documentarian Errol Morris. Morris, who also lensed the original "Switch" campaign, which featured testimonials from former PC owners waxing rhapsodic over their new Apple computers, had already shot interviews with 30 "real people" - this time, Ipod users whose love for the MP3 player had convinced them to make a full-on platform switch. According to Think Secret, "Switchers had been instructed to bring everything that captured their personality with them, from clothes to favorite possessions and, of course, their iPods." But once they got there, each interviewee was redressed and some were so nervous speaking into Morris' "Interrotron" -- a camera Morris developed that uses mirrors to make it look like the subject is speaking to a human when they're in fact facing the 'tron -- that they had to be fed lines. "It was almost as if everyone had been 'Apple-fied'," one of the junked interviewees told the site. What isn't clear, is if this Appleification was Morris' idea, or if there was a directive from Apple higher-ups. There's no mention of it yet on Morris' site, where the filmmaker often posts scraps from "aborted projects", but we'll keep you posted if anything pops up.
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