File this under extraordinary speculation and take with about three dozen grains of salt.

Rumors have begun circulating that, should the fourth Indiana Jones film (which is, just for the record, not yet even in pre-production) be a hit, Haley Joel Osment will begin portraying a younger version of the action-adventure hero as a way to extend the franchise past the not-getting-any-younger Harrison Ford.

Here's why I'm not buying this: First, rumors always seem to revolve around two people who have worked together in the past, as Osment and director Steven Spielberg have done. Secondly, I think George Lucas is too fond of his Young Indiana Jones Chronicles TV series to muck with the story on the big screen. Lastly, I just don't think the market is there to see a young Indy in the movies. Cynicism is already fairly rampant (at least among the people I talk to) about a fourth entry to begin with, and any attempt to lengthen the character's screen life just seems like chasing an easy buck.
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