ipodGather round, kids. Has the Tribeca Grand got a deal for you! This hip-looking Manhattan hotel is offering a package called “Director’s Cut,” which gives lucky visitors access to everything they need to become a filmmaker overnight.  Included with the room are an iMac G5 (loaded with editing software), an iPod (music included), a Sony camcorder, a webcam, DVDs, and an iPod shuffle. Oh, and popcorn. As far as I can tell, the only things you get to keep are the Shuffle (and that’s just for the first 50 reservations) and the popcorn, but still -- a bed and a very small movie studio! Cool! I guess.

Here’s my question, though: who, exactly, is the target audience of this promotion? Pornographers? New York filmmakers who can’t afford equipment of their own but can scrape together $339/night for the duration of their project? Tourists with bored-but-tech-savvy kids? Thieves? If you fit into any of these categories, hurry-- you’ve only got until the end of the December to take advantage of the Grand’s largess.  (via Gawker)
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