• The King Kong hype train is rolling along -- two biographies on Merian C. Cooper, the creator of the Fay Wray original, are coming out this week.
  • Hollywood is "an abominal place," says Terry Gilliam, who has two films coming out this fall. "If there was an Old Testamental God, he would do his job and wipe the place out. The only bad thing is that some really good restaurants would go up as well."
  • The puppet stars of Tim Burton's upcoming The Corpse Bride are apparently "so expressive" that "they may change people's thinking about the possibilities of stop-motion animation."
  • Steve Carell isn't exactly prepared for stardom: "I always thought that if I could get on a sitcom as maybe the wacky neighbor, that would be pretty incredible."
  • "With Ms. Love thrashing around, it can be hard to remember that it is Ms. Anderson's night." Virginia Heffernan watches Pamela Anderson's Comedy Central Roast -- and catalogues each and every way sometime movie star Courtney Love embarrasses herself -- so that you don't have to.
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