rts_ryan: What's on TCM now? I'm too lazy to hit the button.
rts_ryan: Is tonight The Essentials? Or is that tomorrow night?
rts_ryan: It should be Sunday.
kmlongworth: It should have been tonight. I think tonight's was His Girl Friday
rts_ryan: They should put Bogdanovich in exotic locales for his intros.
kmlongworth: or at least bluescreen him into exotic locales
kmlongworth: make him drink out of a coconut
rts_ryan: Right. Maybe have him be reading a newspaper and act like the audience is interrupting him. "Oh, hi there..."
kmlongworth: totally. He'd do an excellent double take
kmlongworth: Then he might take off his glasses, get off the lounge chair and saunter down the "beach" whilst impersonating Howard Hawks
rts_ryan: He should always have a pretty girl beside him, who never talks.
kmlongworth: She'll be in the chair next to him, and after he notices we're there, he'll pat her on the thigh and say. "See ya later, baby."
kmlongworth: And she'll take off
rts_ryan: You can bring this up to him after you two meet-cute and become mentor and mentee.
kmlongworth: I can't wait.
rts_ryan: You're totally ready for that.
kmlongworth: how am I going to meet him?
rts_ryan: Just keep an eye on major film events in NY. You can obviously get to him.
rts_ryan: Although it would be better if it happens by accident. Maybe you two accidentally pick up each other's coke-bottle glasses at the eye-doctor.
kmlongworth: We DO have the same glasses. I have to find out who his optometrist is
rts_ryan: Ha.
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