• Ben Affleck is in talks to write and produce a television pilot called Resistance, a "hopeful" drama with a "pro-democracy bent" about a group of "modern patriots who are attempting to bring back the Bill of Rights and reunify the country."
  • Vanessa Parise, who won the Grand Jury prize at the 2002 Hamptons Film Festival, is about to start production on her latest feature. Dick and Jane vs. the World, in which Parise will also star, will follow romance set in the world of advertising.
  • With The 40 Year Old Virgin, "[Steve] Carell is established as a possible addition to the ranks of comedy headliners, while pic wisely lightens his burden with an able supporting cast." There's also lots of product placement, and at least one joke about David Caruso.
  • U.S. flop hysterics notwithstanding, The Island is doing reasonable business overseas. It topped this weekend's foreign box office with a take of $13.9 million, which brings its overall international take to $63 million.
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