ColinAtom Egoyan will find out later this week if his new film, Where the Truth Lies, will receive an NC-17 rating or not.  Apparently the MPAA are having issues with not one, not two, but four scenes in the film, one of which features some Hot Three-Way Action! between costars Colin Firth, Kevin Bacon, and Rachel Blanchard (the girl from Seventh Heaven?  Getting down and dirty?  Say it ain't so!).  In a refreshing bit of news, the ratings board actually had less trouble with a lesbian scene than it did the ménàge à trois, which might be a weird sort of progress.  According to Egoyan, what the MPAA's concerns come down to is not, in fact, the possibility that people of the same gender might touch one another -- instead, it's all about "the actual number of thrusts seen."  Seriously.

Where the Truth Lies is based on a novel by Rupert Holmes (who wrote that great "If you like Pina Coladas" song back in the day), and follows a pair of journalists as they try to uncover the reasons behind the breakup of a Martin and Lewis-esque comedy team.  However, since the director is Egoyan, the film is not likely to spend much time with straight-forward, boring narrative.  For a hint of what's to come, check out the trailer from Cannes.  Whoa.
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