Alamo Drafthouse, AustinAs part of the extended section on moviegoing experiences in the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly, the magazine lists "10 Theaters Doing It Right." Austin filmgoers are abuzz because the top theater on the list is Alamo Drafthouse. (The magazine doesn't mention which Alamo -- it's an Austin-based chain, so I assume the honor encompasses all four Austin locations.) The article includes a marvelous panoramic photo taken at the Alamo premiere of The Life Aquatic, at which the audience members all wore red Zissou hats.

The theaters on this list offer some wonderful amenities: inventive programming, beer, restricted admission for children, reserved seats, and even on-site child care. These are not theaters that treat audiences like captive cattle. When big-chain theaters complain about shrinking audience numbers, they should examine these theaters.

EW cites Alamo's Rolling Roadshow and special events such as the Lord of the Rings screening with accompanying Hobbit feast as reasons why the theater is so amazing. Personally, I love the fact that I can talk with friends before the movie starts without having to shout over advertisements, and that it's easy to alert the theater staff discreetly if other audience members are acting obnoxious. Oh, and I really like the root-beer floats.

EW's list is after the jump. The article isn't currently available online. I wish I could take a road trip to visit the other nine theaters on the list. If you live near these theaters and haven't been to them recently, who knows? Maybe they'll lure you away from the DVD rental store and back into a theater.
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