Pretty Persuasion

I really liked Pretty Persuasion - well, most of it, anyway, until about two-thirds of the way into the film. Up until that point it was a sharp, lively film, punctuated by excellent performances from Evan Rachel Wood (Thirteen), Ron Livingston (Office Space) and  the ever-reliable James Woods, who manages to make an extremely unlikable character, almost (but not quite) likeable. The film, helmed by music video director Marco Siega from an excellent script by Skander Halim (from whom I would expect to see more good things, based on this effort), started out as a really funny, dark comedy.

Kimberly Joyce (Wood, in a strong performance) is a 15-year-old student at an exclusive private high school in Beverly Hills. From your first glimpse of Kimberly, you know she is not your ordinary teenager. Wry, scary-smart, and wickedly sexy, Kimberly is a girl in control of her life and those around her.