Nicholas HoultAbout a Boy's Nicholas Hoult is growing up - literally. The child star is about a foot taller than when we last saw him onscreen with Hugh Grant, and, thankfully, he has lost the dreadful bowl haircut and bushy eyebrows that defined his character, Marcus, in the film. Now he's starring in a new film, Wah-Wah, an autobiographical film about the childhood in Swaziland of actor Richard E. Grant, who also stars in the film. Hoult plays Grant at age 15 in the film, which also stars Gabriel Byrne, Miranda Richardson and Julie Walters.

The Telegraph has a great interview with Hoult (pictured in a shot from the article, above), who seems surprisingly well-grounded and articulate for a child star. No passing out drunk at premiere parties, no stints in rehab, no controversial sex tapes surfacing. No parents in a public, messy divorce battle. Could it be possible? A child star remarkably unaffected by his stardom? Wah-Wah  (which I really want to see now, only I'm nowhere near Scotland, darn it) premieres at the Edinburgh Film Festival, which opens tomorrow.

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