Harold Lloyd coming to DVDHarold Lloyd was an unusual film star in that he owned the copyright on most of his films. His granddaughter Suzanne Lloyd currently owns the rights and has been very particular about the conditions under which the films are shown. Up until now, most of Lloyd's films have been unavailable on DVD. I saw The Freshman at a local theater earlier this year and figured that was the only way I'd get to see the movie anytime soon.

So it is a genuine pleasure to learn that New Line Entertainment is releasing The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection on November 15. The seven-DVD boxed set includes 15 of Lloyd's feature films, including the well-known Safety Last (where he hangs from the clock) and The Freshman, and 10 short films. The films are divided into three volumes, each of which also will be sold separately. I don't understand quite how the volumes are organized, since it's not by date. DVD Times has details on each volume and on the DVD of extra features that will be available only in the boxed set. You also get some 3D photos and 3D Lloyd-style glasses, although I already have a pair that came with my copy of Harold Lloyd's Hollywood Nudes in 3D. Um, it was a gift. From my sister. I should just stop talking now, shouldn't I.
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