Landlady in Kung Fu HustleI guess it was inevitable, since even marginal moneymaking movies are spawning remakes or sequels these days, that a sequel may be in the works for the movie that made me laugh the most so far this year, Kung Fu Hustle. Rumors have been flying and Twitch has been keeping track of the most reliable news. According to Twitch, shooting for the sequel will begin in September with most of the original cast members intact. There appears to be some concern about whether Huang Sheng Yi, who played the pretty mute love interest, will return ... but I don't much care. Nor would I call her the "female co-star" as I've seen her referred to on other sites. Face it, the real female co-star was Yuen Qiu, who played the incomparable Landlady. We need more butt-kicking women in curlers in film.

No news yet on title or storyline, which is a bit discouraging. I'm not usually a big fan of sequels (that's an understatement), but Stephen Chow can make me laugh like few other contemporary filmmakers. I hope he'll do it again with this movie, whatever it's called, whoever's in it.
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