Mark WahlbergFor those of you addicted Entourage fans hopelessly dreaming that the show’s fictional Aquaman could somehow become a reality – keep those webbed fingers crossed. In an interview with Suicide Girls, Mark Wahlberg hints at the fact that he’d love to play Aquaman with director James Cameron in agreement. "Yeah that’s kind of happened before but’s crazy. Jim Cameron was joking around saying “We should really do this thing” and everybody’s all like we should do Aquaman together." Mark Wahlberg as Aquaman? Maybe if you throw in an addiction to alcohol and a few failed relationships – sure. For Cameron, however, this seems like the perfect fit seeing as he spends most of his time re-discovering the Titanic. Clever marketing and wishful thinking aside, for some reason I expect this project to remain as a plot device on a shelf along with HBO’s treasure chest of Emmy nominations. 
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