Andrew Bujalski'sFunny Ha Ha hit DVD shelves yesterday, and if you didn't manage to catch this unassumingly dead-on sort-of comedy during its brief theatrical run, now's your chance to catch up. But many of us have been wondering about the fate of Bujalski's second film, the more sophisticated Mutual Appreciation, which has been making the festival rounds for the last several months. "I guess you can announce to the world that we are trying to seduce all the small distributors & having a predictably hard time of it," Bujalski told The Cinetrix. "If we can't get a fire lit under any of those folks' asses in the next couple months we'll seriously start to consider doing another self-distribution scheme like we did w/ FHH." I think Mutual Appreciation is a better film than Funny Ha Ha; it's a more complex exploration of similar themes, but it's slightly more melancholy, and with the beautiful black-and-white cinematography, it's a joy to see Bujalski's form catch up with his content. Here's hoping someone out there agrees.
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