Walk of FameStep aside Hollywood; the British are looking to immortalize their own. On September 18th, the first 100 celebrities will be presented with a permanent spot along London’s Avenue of The Stars. Recipients are required to have been born in the UK or Commonwealth – which turns out to be good news for Nicole (I thought she was Australian) Kidman. Among those to be remembered are Sir Laurence Olivier, Sir Charlie Chaplan, Sir Alec Guiness and Sir Paris Hilton’s Dog, Tinkerbell. 

Okay, so that last one was me attempting to be funny.

The initial list seems to mix old and new with more to be added each year. Frankly, I’m somewhat tired of the current overcrowding going on in Hollywood and welcome this new UK version.  With a bloody ton of names to choose from, expect pockets of controversy once this thing gets going.

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