PacinoReprising his Merchant of Venice partnership with producer/director team Barry Navidi and Michael Ratford, Al Pacino has signed on to play Napoleon in an as-yet-unnamed biopic.  Apparently playing the short, aggressive, exiled emperor has long been a dream for Pacino, and he feels that Navidi and Ratford are the right people to bring Napoleon to the big screen.  (You know, since Abel Gance did such a crappy job of it.)

Interestingly/oddly, the film (which won't even begin shooting until 2006) will focus not on Napoleon's years in power or his time spent freezing in Russia (Personally, I think that would have been a great movie.  Who doesn't like to see cold people eating horses?). Instead, it will explore the Frenchman's later years on St. Helena, where he apparently struck up a friendship with a young British girl.  Inevitably, of course, the exiled ex-emperor became "infatuated" with the lass.  Oh, come on.  Someone please tell me this isn't just an excuse for yet another old-man-with-hot-young-girl movie.
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