PsychoI have a friend who plugs his ears and starts singing off-key every time I begin a sentence with the words “So I saw this movie…” Another friend threatens violence, while I envy my brother who simply forgets everything. With the “twist ending” being used more and more as a pawn to draw moviegoers back towards a declining box office, lately, it’s become nearly impossible to discuss a film without someone shouting at you from across the street. Currently there’s no absolute rule as to when it’s okay to spoil a movie in public – although there should be.

Now that the internet seems to ruin films still in production, how does one go about guarding their inner geekdom? It’s been 45 years since Psycho defined the twist ending, so should I tip-toe around its plot in case the guy in aisle 12 never saw it? Help me out -- what are some tips and tricks to use while on that never-ending quest to protect oneself from the evil Dr. Spoiler?

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