Steve Carell has signed on to star in a new film by 50 First Dates author George Wing.  The project, tentatively titled High T, tells the story of a 60-pound weakling who, in a bid to become A Real Man, begins taking injections of testosterone (the T in the film's title, apparently).  Not surprisingly, the shots don't have the expected effect, and our weakling begins to act in unexpected ways.  Unexpected, funny ways, one assumes.  Or at least hopes.  So that brings Carell's total of upcoming projects to at least five:

  1. 40-Year-Old Virgin
  2. High T
  3. Over the Hedge (Based entirely on plot summaries, I'm most excited about this one, a cartoon in which Carell "plays" a squirrel named Sammy. It stars Bruce Willis and Garry Shandling, who has possibly the most put-upon voice in the world. Shandling, by the way, is a turtle. Named Vern. See? Already, that's hilarious.)
  4. Get Smart
  5. Little Miss Sunshine
Dude, I know it's awesome to finally be recognized as a deadpan genius, and that you gots to get paid and all, but chill out.  Did you see how well appearing in every movie made for a year went for Jude Law? Yeah, that's right-- critics mocked him and he's looking for a new fiance. Let that be a warning to you, Mr. Carell.
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