dcToninoDelliColli learned his trade as a 16 year-old camera assistant at Rome's legendary Cinecitta studio. He went on to work with such luminaries as Frederico Fellini, Pier Pasolini, and Sergio Leone, earning an international reputation in the process. Over a 37 year career that ended in 1997 with Life is Beautiful, DelliColli built a truly astonishing resume.  Among the films he shot are Once Upon a Time in the West, Salo, The Good the Bad, and the Ugly, The Gospel According to St. Matthew, and The Decameron. Additionally, Delli Colli was the obvious choice to be behind the camera in 1951 when Italy produced its first color film, Toto a Colori.

DelliColli was, by all accounts, a modest, charming man who also happened to revolutionize cinematography in Italy, if not the filmmaking world. He insisted to the end, though, that his job was easy:  "You've got to understand the sunlight, the contrast between light and shade. For Italians, who are familiar with the southern sun and the fog of the north, it's difficult to get things wrong."
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