wah-wahInsane-in-a-good-way actor Richard E. Grant's directorial debut Wah-Wah has its world premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival tonight. The film, which Grant wrote and based on his own childhood, explores the life of a boy in Swaziland as his family falls apart, thanks to an abusive father and an adulterous mother. Jeez-- get me a ticket to that right away. Though it sounds profoundly depressing, the Festival's website insists that the film is actually "life-affirming, funny and wise." Depressing or not, the cast is an embarrassment of riches including Emily Watson (known for the uplifting Breaking the Waves), Gabriel Byrne, Miranda Richardson, and Julie Walters.

Despite Grant's stature (he admits that his name at least got him meetings), the film was plagued by difficulties, from the aging of its teenage star to the departure of a producer who made a sudden life-change and became "a drugs counsellor in the West Indies."  The film was shot on location in Swaziland and, despite all of the problems it encountered, was apparently brought in on budget.  If he can combine that miracle with some ticket sales, Grant might just have a new career on his hands.
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