AMC has officially announced that Jeff Goldblum is going to narrate their upcoming documentary series, The Movies That Shook The World. This is something I already knew because, well, I shot an interview for an episode of Movies earlier this week. So I guess now that they've started the hype train, I can tell you everything I know: The series is being produced by World of Wonder, the kids behind both the documentary and feature versions of Party Monster; Inside Deep Throat; and The Eyes of Tammy Faye. The first season is comprised of 13 episodes, each one focusing on a different single-film phenomenon. The Reuters article namechecks episodes focused on TheGraduate, Birth of a Nation, Do the Right Thing, Fatal Attraction and The China Syndrome; I also know they're doing one episode each on The Blair Witch Project, Philadelphia and Shaft. The whole shebang premieres on September 9.
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