judeSigh. I swear that I tried to resist posting this story. I tried and tried, but the outrageous prettiness combined with the insanity that this relationship is news pulled me back in. So here it is:  Jude Law and Sienna Miller were seen together. In public! And (as far as has been reported) she wasn't trying to rip off his penis! What a relief to us all.

But Sienna, he banged your nanny! And, I'll have you know that he met Sadie Frost on a movie set, too, and stole her from Gary Kemp – how can you trust a two-time adulterer? (Is it called adultery if only the other person is married? Maybe he was just enabling adultery.) I know he's super-pretty and all, but you're awfully hot too, missy. Don't be selling yourself short.

Finally, if you're going to give it a go, keep in mind that your man is now on his way to marrying his second co-star. I'd make sure the only film work he does in the future involves animals, other men (nudge nudge) or cartoon characters. 
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