In a new interview with IGN Film Force, Robert Rodriguez talks about a lot of things – his post-Sin City preference for green screen over real sets; the "double feature" he's making with Quentin Tarantino called Grind House; the possibility that he'll direct an episode of The George Lopez Show. But his most out-of-left-field intimation? That the "franchise" begun with his first film, El Mariachi, and extended with the Johnny Depp starrer Once Upon a Time in Mexico, may continue not with another film, but as a video game. "I thought about doing a PSP game that would follow [Johnny Depp's character]," Rodriguez says. "That would be cool, a Once Upon a Time in Mexico video game for the PSP - The Man With No Eyes. He would be a blind gunfighter." Is this the first time a feature shot for less than $10,000 could find new life over ten years later as a video game? If you can come up with another example, I'd like to hear it. [via GreenCine Daily]
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