Tom HanksIf there’s one good thing Tom Hanks has done lately, it’s that his character Forrest Gump has inspired a man to run across the United States. The 1994 film that won 6 Oscars and helped catapult Hanks to super A-list status is also famous for it’s catchy “life is like a box of chocolates” quotes. Since I’m not a big fan of chocolate, that line never quite did it for me. Oh well. Jonathan Williams began his trek in California – a state known for its beautiful weather and gorgeous women. Roughly 2000 miles later, he looks to end the journey in Rhode Island – a state not many know even exists. When pressed for a reason behind his quest, Williams responded, “Why not just do something different? Why not just live?” According to my special edition Gump DVD, I’m living just fine on that comfy couch just 10 feet away.
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