Last month we passed alnong the news that the Germs biopic was going back into production. What We Do Is Secret stars Shane West as Darby Crash, and last we heard, the producers were scouting real-life punk kids to fill out the cast. Howard Paar, the film's music supervisor, told Reuters that look/soundalike bands have now been cast to fill in for Black Flag and The Screamers, and former Germs/Nirvana/Foo Fighters guitarist Pat Smear has been working with the actors to help them approximate the Germs' style and sound. According to Paar, West and company (including Bijou Phillips as Lorna Doom) "rehearsed like a band would." He goes on to quote Smear as saying, "I can get them to play as well as we did when we were bad."

I suppose one could make a sort of general argument against anything that attempts to replicate old-school punk for profit, but I think Sid and Nancy is all the evidence we need to blow such crankiness out of the water. The fact is, most biopics are either dull or blasphemous; punk rock never took it seriously enough for its dramatizers to really have to worry about either misstep.
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