• IFC is hopping on board with The Weinstein Company to co-distribute Transamerica, the award winning trannie-movie starring Felicity Huffman. Pundits are wondering if this is a sign that the two entities are approaching a larger partnership – it is, after all, their second deal in two months, after they joined to acquire rights on the thriller Unknown.
  • With all the Michael Ovitz brouhaha (in which former chairman Michael Eisner was accused of operating in a "Machavellian" fashion) finally dying down, Disney took measures yesterday to ammend its board practices, making it "easier to remove directors and tougher to buy off angry shareholders".
  • Our own Ryan Stewart has been awaiting Wes Craven's Red Eye with what could only be called bated breath; he'll no doubt rush to defend it from Robert Koehler, who calls the film "negligible" and predicts that a "nonstop vid landing isn't far off."
  • Jonathan Bing echoes Kim Voynar's concern that trailers have become misleadingly clean: "At a time when kids are bombarded on all sides with sex and violence, it's easy to sympathize with parents who'd like the multiplex to remain a safe zone. But one has to wonder whether theaters have gone too far in their efforts not to offend."
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