dudeIn The Guardian today, John Patterson shares a list of his ten most influential films-- not the best, mind you, but the ten films that, together, "laid the foundations for modern movie-making." Sharing space on the list are Scream, Mean Streets, and A Better Tomorrow – unusual company, surely, for all three. Since each influencer comes with a list of the films it's responsible for, it's hard to argue too much with the list, which is actually pretty convincing. I do object, however, to Patterson's suggestion that The Big Lebowski is to blame for all of the crappy stoner movies that followed. (Did you know that Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle is called Harold and Kumar Get the Munchies in Europe? Me either.) The CoenBrothers should not be held responsible for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. This aggression will not stand, man! [via Filmmaker Magazine]
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