• The 40 Year-Old Virgin- Judd Apatow's directorial debut takes the R-rated frat pack comeddy out of the frat and drops it into a magical incarnation of The Valley, where grandmothers look like Catherine Keener and any concievable insult is essentially a sign of affection. Spoiler alert: he totally loses it.
  • Red Eye - Wes Craven continues his late-career lurch to the mainstream, and Rachel McAdams continues her merciless climb to the top. And that actor with the creepy eyes. Hitchcock with free peanuts.
  • Valiant: A massively underpromoted late-summer Dinsey animation effort, with voices from Ewan McGregor and Jim Broadbent. Considering I know parents of small children who had no idea this movie even existed until TV ads started airing this week, I think someone at Buena Vista needs to get fired over this one.
  • El Crimen Perfecto: ...has the best trailer I've ever seen.

Also still in theaters, and worth checking out:

Grizzly Man
The Skeleton Key