Yesterday Martha Fischer posted a story on how movie studios were rethinking using those big expensive newspaper ads as a way to promote their movies. The logic (however offensive it might be to us young people who read newspapers) is that newspaper audiences skew older while the movies being promoted need to draw in young people. 

While today's hand-wringing story takes on another aspect of the movie marketing mix: Television. It seems that with the movies now costing so much and making so little of that back the expensive television advertising component might be the next on the chopping block. The upshot of the article at the Wall Street Journal is that TV audiences are viewing movie ads with the same savvy and weary eye they view most other ads. By the time a movie opens they've seen the TV commercials so often that whatever anticipation they once felt has been replaced has been replaced by exhaustion and the ads get don't get through the viewer's mental filter.

Of course the advertising budgets for these movies isn't likely to actually to go down. The money will get redirected to other outlets – such as the internet.

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