xenaApparently people have been clamouring for a Xena movie – who knew? And who are these people? Anyway, their dream just might come true:  at the moment, producer/creator Rob Tapert (who also happens to be Xena'sLucy Lawless' husband) is trying to buy the rights to the character from Universal in hopes of making a feature film. Interestingly, Lawless sort of wants a possible film to be a comedy. While it's nice to think that she's accepting the campy nature of the show and is willing to buy into it, I can still imagine hoards of militant Xena fans boycotting screenings because the character is somehow being disrespected by a sense of humor. And they'd probably be right:  after all, a large-breasted, leather-clad woman fighting evil with a sword definitely would work better as a drama.
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