mishimaYukioMishima was a giant of Japanese literature, an author of novels, essays, and Kabuki plays whose international stature was such that he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in literature three times. Though many of his plays and novels have been made into films, Yukio only directed one, a 30 minute adaptation of his novel Yûkoku (Patriotism) in which he also starred. The film, about the true-life ritual suicide (sepukku) of a Japanese soldier, was released in 1966 to a positive critical reception.

After Mishima's spectacular death (also by seppuku) in 1970, his wife pulled all prints of the film from release and was thought to have destroyed them all. The original negative, however, was recently discovered in a wooden box in his former home, and its producer plans to included in a massive DVD set of Mishima adaptations.
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