Night of the Living Dead ... by teens?Austin Film Society announced the recipients of its Texas Filmmakers' Production Fund grants this week. Of the 27 recipients, I recognized several of the names: Kyle Henry (Room), Kat Candler, Rusty Kelley (the young actor from Dear Pillow), and even local writer Spike Gillespie, who is working on a documentary.

I had never heard of Emily Hagins, who received funds to complete work on her feature film Pathogen. Harry Knowles points out that the filmmaker is 12 years old and Pathogen is a zombie movie. Knowles claims that Hagins saw her first zombie film at a Butt-Numb-A-Thon film festival a couple of years ago and has been in love with the genre ever since, as well as eager to learn how to make her own movies.

I am intrigued by the idea of a zombie film written and directed by a pre-teen girl and wish Emily Hagins all the best. I hope I'll get to see Pathogen someday. The film's Web site includes production stills and a trailer, which hints that some of the violence may be a bit, well, PG-13.  And you gotta love a production company called Cheesy Nuggets.