My spies tell me that 40 Year Old-Virgin was a near-impossible ticket in Manhattan last night – so I'm a little surprised that it only managed to take in $7.3 million on its first day of release. Still, there's no way it won't win the weekend, and I'm standing by my prediction that it'll come close to tallying $30 million by Monday morning. This week's other major release, Wes Craven's Red Eye, had a good friday with $6.2 million, and with Four Brothers rocking the old 50% drop off, it looks like the weekend's top two films are already locked in. But, again, I have to ask – does Disney/Beuna Vista simply not care about Valiant? The animated film recieved next to zero promotion, and it shows – it's currently in seventh place for the weekend, behind March of the Penguins.
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