caryCary Elwes isn't getting what he deserves from the inexplicably massive profits made by Saw, and he's not taking the slight lying down. Instead, he's heading to court, suing the film's producers (a group that apparently includes some of Elwes' own people, the bastards). Elwes was paid – get this – $2,587.20 for his part in the movie. That's it. Who says acting is glamorous? (I wonder if it was such a tiny amount only because the film's budget was small, or if the fact that he's a horrible actor was factored in as well.)

Later, presumably after the film made a profit, Westley was given a bonus check of over $50,000, but he still feels he ought to have more. The film has made more than $100 million (after costing just $1.2 million) in theatrical revenues and is also doing well on DVD, and Elwes says he was told he'd "make more money [on Saw] than he had ever made before." Since he's not, he's claiming breech of contract. Furthermore, the lawsuit claims he should be getting more money. Yeah Cary, so should we all.
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