cyfThough they both seemed to bail on their native Hong Kong film industry when they got calls from Hollywood, Jackie Chan and the incomprehensibly smooth Chow Yun-Fat were careful not to cut their ties at home. Despite hitting it big in Hollywood, Chan has continued to work in HK all along, shooting in both countries on a fairly regular basis. Chow, on the other hand, is just now making plans for his first HK films since he left for Hollywood. Frustrated by his difficulty finding roles in which he doesn't shoot people (you may recall that Anna and the King didn't go so well), Chow sees a return to HK as a chance to play the more richly varied roles that (along with John Woo) helped make him a star.

In the cards for Chan is a drama called The Myth, while Chow will appear in Ann Hui'sMy Aunt's Postmodern Life and the adaptation of an as-yet undetermined Chinese play directed by ZhangYimou.
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