dvdHollywood is flipping out:  movies suck, no one is going to see them, and studios are spending money like water and getting nothing back. Because instead of spending money on crappy movies, some of us are quite content to sit on our couches and watch the treasures that keep showing up on DVD. I'm not talking about the zillions of Star Wars, or Matrix, or Batman editions, though - I'm talking about the movies that weren't on VHS, were never on TV, and suddenly are in our sweaty little hands. Movies like John Boorman'sPoint Blank, for example. And Night Moves, which came out just as I developed a desperate, unmeetable need to see it.

Thanks largely to small, determined production houses like Criterion (US), Masters of Cinema (UK), Raro Video (Italy), and Second Run (UK) (and, happily, there are many more), films that have been unavailable for years are showing up, often gloriously restored and plumped with rare extras. Yes, there have been three American Pies and two Deuce Bigalows. But Americans can hide from them with a pile of SeijunSuzuki DVDs, and immerse themselves in an outrageous, garish world that for years was hidden from us all. In a weird way, these are phenomenal times.

I remember actually crying when I found out that Criterion was releasing Jean-Luc Godard's Contempt - I know I'm pathetic, but I can't be totally alone. What DVD release has meant the most you?