Napoleon Dynamite may or may not be the first Mormon indie film ever to inspire school supplies, but I'm willing to venture a guess that it's the first Mormon indie film whose tie-in school supplies have started a controversy. Our friends at Blogging Baby alerted us to an ongoing debate over this Napoleon Dynamite pen, which plays audio of seven different clips from the movie - including two that use alternating conjugations of the word "retarded" as derogatory slang. Judging from the comments on Blogging Baby, attitudes in general have certainly changed since I was in elementary school, and "that's retarded" was the most commonly used phrase of any given day. One parent claims that the R-word is as offensive in her household as the N-word. Whilst I understand the need to teach kids sensitivity and all that, isn't there something funny about a PG rated, profanity-free film drawing fire for offensive linguistics?
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