faceTouchstone last week bought a script called The Proposal, by a writer named Jennifer Kirby. Already attached to the project was Mandveillie Films, the company behind Bringing Down the House and USA's Monk. It turns out, though, that Jennifer Kirby is a man. Specifically, a man named Pete Chiarelli. Though simple people like you and I may not be familiar with the Chiarelli name, those in the industry know him as a former exec at MGM who is currently president of Kurtzman and Orci, a new Dreamworks-based production company founded by writers Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman (who wrote for, among others, Xena, Alias, and the new Transformers movie). Seeing such a high profile name on a script would almost inevaitably have colored reactions to it, so Chiarelli lied. He explains his deception this way:  "I didn't want my friends put in a position to say, 'Dude, your script sucked."
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