bardotJohn Lieske started out as a radio DJ (Pink Frankenstein to you) who loved French pop music from the 60s. Then he became an impresario, organizing a roving San Francisco dance party called Bardot a Go Go (for which, of course, his beloved French pop was the soundtrack). But what he really wanted to do was direct.

Bardot a Go Go is a feature film that examines the history of – wait for it – 60s French pop music through "images gathered from photographs, record sleeves, magazines, posters and television programs never seen by American eyes." In addition to providing the context for the music, the film delves deeper into certain stars, including Brigitte Bardot, Serge Gainsbourg, and Françoise Hardy.

I've written all of this in present tense because the film's website does, but my impression is that very little - nothing? - is done. The trailer (linked below) is generic and horrible, and neither the synopsis nor the overview seems particularly thoughtful or original. But there's something undeniably sexy about Bardot a Go Go's subject (though Bardot herself could be sexy playing an accordion) and tons of old footage of its stars, so I'm trying not to write the film off altogether. Hell, if they'll throw in a little Vanessa Paradis at the end, I might even buy a ticket. You know, assuming it gets made. [via GreenCine Daily]
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