• Bruce Willis and Halle Berry will star inPerfect Stranger, a thriller "set in the world of the internet" (giggle) about a woman investigating a friend's murder. The project is set up at Revolution, and James Foley is set to direct starting in early 2006.
  • Robert Schwentke is planning to direct a thriller called Runaway Train for 20th Century Fox. Not a remake of the John Grisham-inspired pic from a few years back, Train actually sounds like Speed, except set on a train carrying hazardous materials instead of a on bus carrying a bomb and a young Sandra Bullock. No casting news yet. Schwentke just directed Flightplan, otherwise known as Jodie Foster's upcoming comeback.
  • Brian Robbins (you know him as The Guy in the Leather Jacket from Head of the Class, if you know him at all) has taken over directing duties on Norbit, a comedy starring Eddie Murphy. The picture was originally set to be hemled by Rawson Marshall Thurber of Dodgeball fame, but he was dropped due to a (cough, cough) "scheduling conflict".
  • Uh-oh. According to Robert Koehler, The Brothers Grimm, Terry Gilliam's first film since Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, is "deeply lost in the woods."
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