We try not to be too hard on Courtney Love around here, but the girl just brings it on herself. On Friday she pleaded guilty to taking drugs and thus violating the conditions of her parole on, like, a million charges, and was subsequently ordered to enter rehab (again); now she's telling Britain's News of the World that she's been impregnated by Steve Coogan, best known in the U.K. as TV host Alan Partridge. "Yes, I am pregnant with Steve's baby," she said, without providing further comment. And she's none too happy about it: "What does it make me look like that I have slept with Alan Partridge?" she's also quoted as saying. "Given the A-grade stars I've dated it's embarrassing. I mean ... Alan Partridge!" Coogan/Partridge's rep insists – hilariously, given the level to which Courtney notches these things up  – that the actor and the trainwreck are "just good friends".
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